Vehicle technology is changing every day. Gone are the days when a vehicle repair technician/mechanic only had to understand the engine, transmission and suspension systems of a car to diagnose it. All vehicles since year 2000 have been equipped with an in-built computer to manage the vehicle controlled systems. The post year 2000 mechanic is supposed to fully comprehend the modern vehicle electronic system.

Individuals willing to pursue this to open service businesses will capture a market that has a lot of growth potential.

ISSA Training Centre is now offering a range of Computerised Automotive Electronics Diagnostics Courses. These courses are customised per trainee and they include the following;

  1. Introduction to Automotive Electronics Course
  2. Automotive Electronics Advanced: ECU Control and Microelectronic
  3. Computerised Automotive Electronics Diagnostics Course
  4. OBD Equipment Training Course
  5. Automotive Electronics Diagnostics Course
  6. Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU) repair
  7. Using diagnostic tools and software
  8. Vehicular Sensor Technology Diagnosis
  9. Automotive Computer-Controlled Systems Course
  10. Troubleshooting Automotive Electronics and Repairs Course
  11. Control Module Programming
  12. Car Scanning and Software