Forex and CFD Trading Courses at ISSA Training Centre
  1. Forex Trading For Beginners Course
  2. Online Forex Trading Course
  3. Professional Forex Trading Course
  4. Stocks and CFD Trading Course

ISSA Training Centre in Nairobi is now offering courses in Forex Trading. Our Forex Trading Courses were created to help novice and professional traders understand all the basics and new trends of the Forex market and Forex trading globally. These courses cover the basics of price action trading, forex charting, technical analysis, trader’s psychology and many other important subjects.

When you take our courses you will learn the following among other things:

  1. Understand how to trade The Forex market
  2. Learn how to place a trade on the Forex market
  3. Learn how you can earn money trading Forex – online and offline
  4. Understand how you can protect yourself should the trade not go your way
  5. Understand technical terms and operations in online and offline forex
  6. Understand what are trend lines and how to draw trend lines
  7. Understand the significance of trend lines
  8. Learn that trend lines act as levels of support
  9. Learn how to trade trend line breaks and bounces
  10. Understand the A,B,C,D price wave movement and how to identify these movements
  11. And many other concepts

Contact us for a detailed course outline of the courses above.