Embedded Learning Approach

Our Embedded training programs are units that we incorporate in already existing courses in TVET and Vocational Institutions, especially programs that are new and NOT incorporated in National curriculum or any other examination body world-wide. We partner with established institutions to offer a new experience in newer technologies and ways of doing things. For example if a student is studying for a course in entrepreneurship or business management or other related courses, we can train them on other crucial market driven entrepreneurship units like mobile phone repair courses or CCTV installation courses, or similar, to empower them to go straight into business. The programs or courses offered in this mode are normally not examinable through any of the local examination bodies and are an essential life skill especially for people intending to pursue entrepreneurship.

Embedded Learning: Integrating Skill Acquisition - Our Thoughts

Economies around the world are challenged with a chronic lack of skilled employees. Despite high unemployment levels, many companies struggle to find people who have the technical qualifications and experiences needed to fill critical roles. Traditional educational structures are failing to produce the numbers and kinds of skilled candidates companies need. While there are many ways we can and should improve our educational systems to address the skills crisis, we should also be doing more to rethink the methods we use to develop skilled employees. Rather than telling workers they must go to school to acquire new skills, it’s time to give people tools that help them learn from their current lives without requiring formal education.

Entrepreneurship Programs

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes and operates a business, which invests in innovations and is willing to take on greater than normal risks in order to see his or her vision become a reality. ISSA Training Centre is focused on training individuals on the new business trends encouraging them to tap into the numerous opportunities emerging every day. We are the premier institution in Kenya to put more resources and fine-tune our course outlines to enable our trainees realise their entrepreneurship dreams. Our partnership with companies and learning institutions, through “Embedded Learning” is intended to reach more individuals and offer unparalleled experience on learning how to kick-start their entrepreneurship journeys.

Our Entrepreneurship courses will help you develop the analytical abilities and strategic competencies necessary for students who wish to become entrepreneurs or are already part of a growing business. Practical skills covered in many of our Entrepreneurship courses include identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, creating a business plan, securing financial backing and coordinating business growth.

Most of our Entrepreneurship courses are short programs, designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Other Entrepreneurship courses are targeted at current university students studying engineering or another related field. If you are interested in learning how to become an entrepreneur, to nourish a business idea in the making, or to help your business grow and flourish, then get in touch with us.

Corporate Courses

At ISSA Training Centre, our training programs help develop your employees and enable you to leverage the competitive advantage of your workforce. At a time when companies are challenged by increasing business complexity, we offer a range of organizational benefits from leadership development and management to newer engineering skills training.

Our expert delivered corporate training programs can help to build a cohesive team of employees whose management development is recognized and respected. In this way, the best corporate training programs can build loyalty in a company, while boosting the performance of its team and improving the bottom line.

Our programs are delivered through; Classroom Lectures, Seminars, Workshops or in-company/onsite. These course/programs are included in the following categories;

•Advanced Management Courses

•Quality Management Courses

•Short engineering courses

Student Hostels

Students and corporate trainees residing away from their homes need affordable, decent and secure hostels during the time they are taking courses. At ISSA we have partnered with private hostel owners/managers across the towns we have our campuses to meet the growing demand. If you are in need of a hostel as you study in our campuses, fill in this online form.

Qualified Trainers

One of our biggest investments apart from the training infrastructure is Trainers. Trainers are subjected to RIGOROUS vetting to make sure they meet the local and global standards.

Equipped Facilities

ISSA Training Centre offers exceptional training facilities. Our state-of-the-art training facilities are well equipped and tailored to the needs of particular program.